Abstract 29

Oral Lichen Planus Flares Triggered by Cow’s Milk in a Patient With Elevated IgE Antibodies to Milk.

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Nita Chainani-Wu, Daniel Prunell, Anuradha Nayudu


A female patient with painful oral lichen planus that required daily topical corticosteroids completely eliminated cow’s milk/milk products (CMP) from her diet. Her oral discomfort improved about two months later and had mostly resolved by eight months. Blood tests showed an elevation of total immunoglobulin E (IgE) and CMP-specific IgE antibody titers. Over the next seven years, she
was largely asymptomatic when continuing to avoid CMP, with the occasional inadvertent ingestion that resulted in flares.

Early diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions is critical to maintain your oral and general health.