Testimonials Oral Medicine Mountain View


“Dr. Nita Chainani-Wu is amazing. She specializes in oral medicine. I’ve observed her providing diagnosis and treatment for some of the most common adverse conditions in the mouth such as ulcers occuring due to various causes including infections. Some patients had suffered needlessly until they visited this office. Dr. Chainani-Wu is incredibly smart and knowledgeable in addition to being very kind. She seems to genuinely pride herself on giving her patients the best treatment possible. I’ve seen her obliterate leukoplakia (which untreated could gradually turn into cancer) with laser and it was an amazing feat. It seemed like a pretty easy procedure for the patient, taking less than an hour in the office. If you have suspicious whitish or reddish changes in your mouth, you should visit her.”

Eddie J.
Santa Clara, CA


Early diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions is critical to maintain your oral and general health.